Big 10 Bhangra (2017)

Big 10 Bhangra (2017)

Shaan Punjab Dee - First Place @ Big 10 Bhangra 2017

This is the video you’ve all been waiting for. Wait no more 🙂 What I find amazing is that Shaan Punjab Dee performed a few weeks prior to this performance, at Bhangra Fever 7, with a routine that was roughly 60% different. For them to change soo much, and execute it soo well, is an amazing display of the talent on this team. I present to you, Shaan Punjab Dee’s First Place performance at Big 10 Bhangra 2017.

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT: Gurjeet Singh Pabla (GSP) the DJ who made the mix that Shaan Punjab Dee performed to. SPD had originally chosen a different set of DJ’s to make their mix. Due to a misunderstanding, those DJ’s leaked SPD’s routine, in an effort to inflict harm. Ya’ll just harmed yourself, because the spotlight could have been focused on you. Let this be a lesson to uphold respect and dignity in every situation. Gurjeet Pabla, big ups bruv! Bhangra teams, need a mix? Hit up GSP – HH

Team Info:
Name: Shaan Punjab Dee
City/Country: Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Show info:
Name: Big 10 Bhangra Competition 2017
Location: The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center
City/Country: College Park, Maryland, USA
Date: February 27 2017

Red: Prabh Saini & Jagmeet Saini
Blue: Harveet Kahlon & Inderpreet Dhaliwal
Pink: Sehij Gahunia & Gurtaj Saini
Orange: Shivam Sachdeva & Nishan Singh
Yellow: Jashanpreet Dhaliwal & Navdip Sidhu
Green: Goondeep Cambow & Jassnoor Garcha
Pagg Tying: Palwinder Singh