Group of 6 – Gidha (Female Dancers)

Group of 6 - Gidha


Gidha is a popular folk dance of women in Punjab region of India. The dance is just as energetic as bhangra; at the same time it manages to creatively display feminine grace, elegance and flexibility. It is a very colourful dance form which is now performed worldwide. Women stand in a circle formation and clap rhythms. A lead woman will recite a boli (lyrics) with a refrain that the entire circle then repeats. Shaan Punjab Dee will be performing on pre-recorded music with and without props for about 8 to 10 minutes.

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The goal at Shaan Punjab Dee is to preserve the Punjabi culture and educate individuals through various art forms, one we passionately work to achieve every day! At SPD, dancing is not only limited to body movements in a rhythmic manner but rather it is a platform that improves, exercises, mental health and leisure for all genders, age groups and ethnicity.